Andre Koen: Rethinking Diversity
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We Recycle Minds - Diversity Trainer – Andre Koen
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The Leader in Workforce Diversity

We are the leader in workforce diversity for government and educational institutions. We specialize in the best practices in areas of Equity for all, battling Micro-Inequities and increasing Discretionary Effort.

We have all been to "DIVERSITY TRAINING" and it was a waste of time. Why? They did not leave you with results. It is very clear that our world needs straight talkers with real answers. So we thank you in advance for the opportunity to help you solve your " diversity" problems.
There are only 3 reasons to call on us

Reason #1 -- Your employees are stuck because:
  • They are not able to think on their feet;
  • Use excuses from the past to explain today's problems;
  • Don’t see, understand, or agree with the vision/direction of the organization.

Reason #2 -- Your customer service is killing you because:
  • Your organization has self proclaimed "Divas";
  • Your employees don't work/play well together;
  • Your employees ration company resources to clients.

Reason #3 -- Your client demographic has changed but your staff has not because:
  • Employees/Management still tell sexist jokes;
  • You serve multi-cultural clients but lack a diverse staff;
  • Your organization lacks understanding of minority clients.
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Our Promise
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We Guarantee that if your group does not function better, think differently, and engage clients more after following our methods, we will do our next session for free.
Listen, your life is calling.  Recycling Minds.
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Rethinking Diversity
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Leadership l Diversity l Empowerment
Leadership Development: We teach individuals how to be effective leaders, as well as incorporate those leadership skills into the Team concept.

Diversity Education:  We help people examine their personal bias and help them create effective strategies to become culturally competent, to eliminate unconscious bias and to become allies.

Empowerment Training: We teach individuals to increase their personal power and we train them to be effective in both professional and personal arenas. Our approach initiates change, by shifting the mindset.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Ghandi
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